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The ERP Department works to continually improve the financial and business processes of Broward County Public Schools. “ERP” is a term used in the business world to describe the efforts that help streamline business efforts across an entire organization.
In 2007 we implemented a new SAP computer system to replace the outdated SAP HR/Payroll system, as well as other disparate financial systems that were more than three decades old.  As part of our strategic plan, we re-examined and redesigned our existing processes in finance, human resources, payroll, purchasing, inventory and professional development around existing best practices.   Using an integrated SAP system allows us to report the use of public funds both transparently and accurately. The seamless manner in which SAP was implemented takes on a far more significant meaning when taken in the context of the financial size of the District and the large number of modules (25) that we implemented:

Benefits    Administration

Business Intelligence

Cash Management

General Ledger

Treasury Management

Self Service

Funds Management

Grants Management

Human-Resources Administrative Services

Integrated Planning (Budgeting)

Inventory Management

Learning Solutions

Self Service

Materials Management/

Accounts Payable

Personnel Administration

Personnel Development

Position Budget Control

Organizational Management

Attendance Management

Project Systems



Catalog Content Management

Cross Application

Time Sheet (Cats)


The ERP Department is focusing on enhancing the system to maximize its potential for proactive online processing of all transactions to eliminate paper. Evidence of this can be seen in the paperless alternatives offered to all employees such as opt out of receiving a printed pay advice/pay stub and direct deposit for mileage and travel reimbursements. In addition, paper was eliminated for forms for hiring, purchase orders for vendors and on-line catalog for items on contract

The major tasks of the ETS/ERP department are:

  • Configuring changes in the SAP system to adhere to changes in law and union contracts
  • Configuring changes in the SAP system for new functionality and enhancements
  • Applying and testing support packs from SAP to keep the system current
  • Updating system for changes in pay, employee work calendars and benefits
  • Submitting payroll and employee information to the Department of Education and other government agencies
  • Assisting in the annual audit process by providing the auditors with various financial system information
  • Maintaining and configuring changes for other stand alone systems such as Compass (workorders), PROP
    (property and inventory), KRONOS (time keeping), Optispool (report depository) and a DOE charter school database
    for staffing information and any applicable interfaces to SAP.
  • Training of the users by preparing training material and conducting training sessions
  • Working with various departments such as HR, Benefits, EEO, ETS, HRD to prepare communication material for their projects
  • Implementing, administering, integrating, and maintaining multiple SAP systems, including development, test, training and production
  • Maintaining SAP performance by monitoring SAP systems, planning and executing SAP tuning strategies
  • Maintaining security access to the system
  • Preparing and maintaining all reports generated from the system data for the system users
  • Uploading budget data and working with the Budget Office during the annual budget process
  • Maintaining over 75 diverse webpages, 1000 associated documents, along with self help and on-demand video tutorials.