Standard Items |Apple Servers
                                                                                             Standard Servers
                                                              Sub-Committee Chair - Teresa Macri - 754-321-0408
         Purchasing Agent:Michelle Wilcox: 754-321-0510         Purchasing Technician: Jeanne Larson -754-321-0509
                                                                            Apple servers are no longer available.
    Standard Items | Dell Servers
To obtain a quote for a Windows server that meets the technical specifications and related special conditions (installation, service and support) of the current server bid go to the Dell Premier web site at the link below:
Waiver Process Link
Dell Website
                                                                    Instructions for setting up a DELL Account

                                                    To call or send an e-mail to one of our two Dell representatives:

                                                    1. Chandra Birdwell 1-512-513-3237

                                                     2. Jason Lovitt 1 512.513.9387

They will then create an account for you and you will receive an email directing you where to go with your new username (username is always the source email account) and password. You will then be able to login to with new account and see all the available rack and tower servers that Broward has to offer.