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BCPS Information Security Guidelines (Revised 2014)

BCPS Social Media Use Guidelines

Pesonally Owned Devices Guidelines - For Employees

District Position on Student Owned Technology

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BCPS Policy 5306

IT Technology Roles and Contacts

Schools and Departments must have their HRAP person enter into SAP their
Technology Roles and Contactsfor their site prior to IT giving permissions to
any of their site administrators. See documents below.

Corporate Function Instructions — (0034)

Technology Roles Matrix 

— This is a worksheet for the Principal or
Department Head to use to identify their primary person and the backup
for each of the Technology Roles at their location.

Technology Corporate Functions

  • 0022 Technology Liaison Contact (TLC) 
  • 0030 CAB Conference Controller
  • 0033 FileMaker Pro Admin (FMP)
  • 0036 Integrated Learning System Admin (ILS)
  • 0039 LANDesk Admin
  • 0042 Online Testing Coordinator
  • 0045 ParentLink Admin
  • 0048 Pinnacle Admin
  • 0051 Pinnacle Gradebook Manager
  • 0053 Server Admin
  • 0056 Web Designee


LANDesk is a District initiative and every computer is expected to have the current LANDesk agent installed.  This will ensure that computers receive critical updates. The Network Operations Center (NOC) reports that virus attacks are down 90% due to LANDesk updates. 


Don’t Leave Your Computer Unattended
Whenever you must step away from your computer, make sure you log out of applications such as CAB.

Windows Computers
All PC computers come with the ability the lock the screen with a User ID and Password. Just hit the “Control/Alt/Delete” buttons and a window will come up saying your screen is locked. Anyone trying to access your computer will have to enter the correct User ID and password.

Mac Computers
All Mac computers can set up their screen saver to prompt you for a password to “wake” the computer up. You can set this is the System Preferences/Security Pane. Check the box for “Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver”.

Please review the documents below regarding IT's new process to identify the technology roles/contacts. The new process will require each school/department to enter their contacts into SAP. Technology Contacts must be updated in SAP every time there are staff changes throughout the school year.  IT will run SAP reports on a regular basis to update administrative access where necessary.  Individual forms will no longer be used to add/remove staff.

Technology Roles and Responsibilities Memo

Technology Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet

Corporate Function Instructions



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