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In order to better protect your information, we are now disallowing Internet connections
from outside the U.S. to our ESS portal. This means if you travel abroad, you will not be able
to access your ESS information.

Why we have taken this course of action:

We have noticed Internet users (or possibly automated systems) from outside the U.S.
visiting our ESS portal. This happens every day and around the clock. We must assume
these connection attempts are nefarious in nature hence the reason for blocking them.

How you might be affected:

As indicated above, if you travel abroad, anywhere outside the continental U.S., you will not be
able to access ESS. Any changes you desire must be made prior to your travel.

We have seen a number of SBBC employees using newer, supposedly more secure, browsers to
access their ESS accounts. These newer breed of browsers, most often, use proxy technology
to route your Internet communications around the globe. This is done primarily to protect your
identity and your location. Unfortunately, we (SBBC) cannot vouch for Internet communications
that travel the globe; especially when some of the routes include countries that ‘look the other way’
with regard to cyber-crime. If you are using one of these browsers, your connection attempt to
our ESS system will likely be blocked; as it may appear to be coming from a foreign source. Another
compelling reason is that, should a breach occur as a result of a social-engineering campaign, we
need to provide requesting authorities with as much information as possible; which includes the
source Internet address of the breach. Communications via proxy are difficult, if not impossible, to


Our ESS system supports only the listed browsers for Mac and Windows. And, we want to assure you
that your communications to our ESS system are completely secured using SSL encryption over the

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